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Level Switches for Solids

Rotating Paddle Level Switch for Solids

rotatitng paddle level switch
Technical Specifications
Insertion Length200-1500 mm
Wetted PartsSS304
Max Temp 150° C
Max Pressure Atm
Bulk Density > 500-100g/cm3
Output 5A, 250 VAC x SPDT/DPDT
EnclosureCast AI x IP66
Options Flexible Spring Shaft,
Extended Shaft,
Ash Seal Assembly

Main Application Areas

  • Agriculture : Beet slice, Hard crop
  • Chemical industry : Plastic powders, Granules, Pellets
  • Food industry : Sun flower, Sun flower cod
  • Building industry : Sand, Calcium powder, Gypsum, Coffee and Cacao Powder, Flour, Sugar, etc.
  • Energetics : Active soot, Coal powder & Fly ash

Salient Features

  • Level switch for powders and free flowing solids
  • Flexible coupling (optional as per application)
  • Extension up to 3 m
  • Robust, dust and watertight housing
  • Extended life by motor shut off design
  • Sealed bearings
  • Interchangeable paddle assemblies
  • Magnetic Clutch mechanism